24/7 Video Surveillance Systems For New Jersey Businesses

By June 1, 2017Business Security
24/7 Video Surveillance Systems For New Jersey Businesses

Video surveillance systems are growing in popularity for a reason, and that’s because theft and fraud are serious problems for business owners. Statistics put employee theft at over $50 billion annually. Nearly 75% of employees steal from their employer at one time or another, and more than a third are repeat offenders.

If that sounds scary, consider this: it takes, on average, two years before the crime is detected. An employee may be long gone by then, along with your hard earned dollars or intellectual property. Worse, more than a third of all business bankruptcies are the result of employee theft.

If you’re starting to wonder whether you should close up shop and quit altogether, take heart. It may be hard to find a completely honest employee but it’s easy to implement security measures to protect your investment.

With current technologies like Honeywell’s MAXPRO Cloud video surveillance system, you can keep track of exactly what’s going on in your place of business, who’s doing it and when. Plus, with perks like smart phone control, cloud video storage and real-time reporting, you can easily monitor, lock or unlock, and designate and even revoke access to any part of your office or building at the touch of an app.

Here’s how this cloud-based video surveillance system works.

View Surveillance Video Wherever You Have An Internet Connection

Forget waiting to watch “the tape”. You can easily keep an eye on what’s going on in your building any time by logging into your account via desktop or your smart phone. That means you can watch live video any day, any time, whether you’re out at a meeting, on vacation or simply down the hall in a conference room.

You can even customize your own views to watch multiple cameras at the same time. For businesses like retailers and restaurants, this can help you detect problems early, whether you’ve got an unruly customer or a suspicious employee. For businesses like law firms or medical practices, you can easily secure document rooms and sensitive areas. And any business with valuable intellectual property can benefit from having “eyes on” server rooms and even workstations.

Eliminate Hardware Failures

If you’ve had video surveillance systems for your business in the past, you may be familiar with the massive amounts of data that need to be stored. You likely had to purchase and store your own server to keep the data. That meant worrying about hardware and backups, power failures, and even human failure when somebody forgot to properly configure, record or back up your data.

With your data recorded and stored in the cloud, you know it’s secure, accessible, and won’t bog your internal network down by using a massive amount of bandwidth. Better yet, you can connect multiple building or office locations into one video network that you can access and manage from one login.

And your data is protected from unauthorized access, which means only users who you designate can view video footage.

Make Card Access A Breeze

You can also store all of your card access details in the cloud, which makes setting up and managing access to one or more locations, or even different locations in the same building, a breeze.

Long gone are the days where you’d have to teach someone in HR how to manage your server, or create and delete access cards. If you’ve ever worked with card access, you know what a giant pain it can be when the only person who seems to know how to manage the system goes on vacation, or perhaps retires or finds another job.

Honeywell’s MAXPRO Cloud puts card access at your fingertips. Add and delete cards, lock and unlock doors, and do it easily across multiple locations at the same time. Add a single employee to one location, or provide access to multiple locations depending on the day of the week. Access is completely customizable right from your smart phone, wherever you have an internet connection.

And long gone are the days that you had to back up your card access data or risk losing everything during the next storm or power surge. Never worry about losing data again. You can create access rules for thousands of employees and rest assured that the data is safe, secure and protected.

Know Instantly If Something Goes Wrong

Awareness is usually the weakest link in the security chain. Even the most high-tech video surveillance system in the world won’t do much good if nobody is watching. That’s why MAXPRO Cloud is designed with monitoring in mind.

You can set your system up to alert you on any triggering event. For example, if you’ve fired an employee and deleted his card access, you’ll be instantly alerted via text or email if that person attempts (and fails) to access the building with his card.

Be alerted when a specific person attempts to access your building, or when someone accesses it during certain times of the day. For instance, if your office is closed after 7PM but someone uses a card to gain entry at 2AM, you can immediately see who that person is. Then you can monitor her activity on live video camera via your cloud account.

Be alerted whenever anything goes wrong with the system itself – for example, if a camera goes out unexpectedly.

Ultimately, the power to protect your business is at the touch of an app, whether you need a single entry door monitored, or a large network of cameras monitoring activity across multiple franchise locations.

If you want to avoid becoming part of another statistic, it’s time to take control. Video surveillance and designated card access can go a long way to reducing theft of property and even ideas. If you have an office building, warehouse, franchise, restaurant, retail location, medical facility, or other business in New Jersey, get in touch with us for a free estimate to install a video surveillance system and card access at one or more of your locations.