Don’t Be Victim To Another “Smash-And-Grab”. Let Us Protect Your Valuables.

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Stop shoplifters and burglars in their tracks

There’s been a growing trend over the past few years in New Jersey and the mid-Atlantic states of what’s commonly called “smash and grab” robberies of jewelry stores and losses have accumulated well into the millions of dollars.

But with Garden State Fire & Security on your side, you can protect your jewelry store from robberies and keep your valuable merchandise safe.

jewelry store security

Don’t let robbers off the hook. With current technology security is easer than ever to monitor so that your valuables – and profits – are protected.

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What You Get

  • Over 45 years experience protecting commercial office spaces
  • 24/7 monitoring service
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  • Guaranteed same day service
  • We’ll switch you from your existing monitoring service for free

Jewelry Store Owners Trust Garden State Fire & Security

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Gone are the days of long-planned heists. Whether in broad daylight or by cover of night, thieves may enter your premises, smash jewelry cases, grab whatever they can and run. While overall robbery numbers are trending down, the dollar amount of each robbery continues to increase.

With criminals becoming more bold, it’s up to you to fight back with stronger, bolder measures. The good news is that technology – and Garden State Fire & Security – is on your side.

Security cameras can monitor everything from who enters and exits your store to what employees are doing at the register and as they interact with customers at the display cases. Keep tight watch on what happens on your premise day and night and get instant text messages and video clips when danger threatens.

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