Are Your Profits Being Siphoned Off By Security Breaches? Protect Your Equipment, Workers And Trade Secrets.

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Let us protect your facility, trade secrets and other valuable assets

Manufacturing plants and industrial facilities are vulnerable to a unique set of risks, including sabotage, vandalism, theft and contamination. Some of these can be attributed to malice but others are simply human error or even a breakdown in equipment. Whatever the cause, security and safety breaches can threaten your profits, reputation and even workers.

With Garden State Fire & Security on your side, you can protect your manufacturing plant from common threats and keep a close eye on everything from productivity to equipment.

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With current technology, safety and security is easer than ever to monitor so that your equipment, workers and products are protected.

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Manufacturers Trust Garden State Fire & Security

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Thieves break into pharmaceutical warehouses and steal millions of dollars of  drugs. Undercover “reporters” enter manufacturing plants and question workers about trade secrets to sell to competitors. Sounds like a movie plot but it happens to manufacturers ever day.

Even as you invest in the production of a quality product, these forces work against you. Employee theft and fraud, vandalism, corporate espionage, fire and more can cost you time, money and reputation.

When you’ve got valuable equipment and intellectual property to protect, security cameras can have a tremendous impact on your business. Monitor everything from who enters and exits your building to what’s happening in different parts of the building at any given time. Lock down your entire building from unauthorized access, protect a single room or just one safe. Safeguard against process breakdowns, monitor productivity, watch for contamination, protect against unsafe practices and more.

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