More Than $35 Million Is Stolen From Retailers Each Day. Don’t Be Just Another Statistic.

retail business securityWhether you run a boutique storefront or a large retail showroom, your merchandise is your lifeblood. Yet every day retailers lose products to theft. And to make matters worse, there is no “shoplifter profile” to help you spot thieves. Men and women, young and old, all contribute to the problem. In fact, many people will purchase and shoplift in the same visit!

Compound shoplifting worries with threat of fire, vandalism and fraud and retailers have a tough battle to fight. But with Garden State Fire & Security on your side, you can protect your retail space from security threats and fire, keeping your goods out of the hands of thieves and the profits in your pocket.

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Don’t leave the safety and security of your retail space to chance. With current technology security is easer than ever to monitor so that your products – and profits – and protected.

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Security is about peace of mind knowing that your business is safe from threats. Shoplifting may be at the forefront of your concerns as a retailer, but other threats exist, too. From employee credit card fraud to inventory damage and even fire, your business may be suffering losses that you aren’t even aware of.

The good news is that modern security systems and the technology behind them can help you monitor and safeguard your valuable business assets. Security cameras can monitor everything from who enters and exits your establishment to what employees are doing at the register and even in the break room. Lock down certain areas of your store and even receive instant texts and video clips to let you know when something out of the ordinary has happened.

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