SkyBell: The Smart Doorbell For Smart Home Safety And Convenience

SkyBell: The Smart Doorbell For Smart Home Safety And Convenience

You can do a lot from your smart phone these days. Watch movies, order a pizza, video chat with family from across the ocean – all without leaving the comfort of your couch. And now, with the Skybell, you can even answer your front door. Whether you’re home, at work, away on vacation or just out grabbing a slice instead of ordering in, you’ll always know who is ringing your doorbell so you can respond in real time.

The Skybell allows you to do a lot more, too. It adds a modern convenience, and a peace of mind that your home and family are protected, no matter where you are.

Deter Burglars

Burglars can be pretty brash – and that includes walking right up to your front door to ring your bell to see if you’re home. If the doorbell goes unanswered, that’s a pretty good sign for the burglar but not so great for you.

With Skybell video, you can see exactly who is at your door and even speak with them in a 2-way conversation. If you’re away, you can keep an eye on who is visiting and report any suspicious activity immediately, or you can deter burglars by keeping them guessing as to whether you are home or not. Let them know you’re watching – possibly from the living room – and they’ll think twice before breaking in.

Never Miss A Delivery Again

You know how it works – you’re scheduled to get a delivery on a Saturday, and you wait all day. But those five minutes when you run out to grab a cup of coffee or walk the dog is exactly when the delivery truck shows up.

But with Skybell, you can speak with the delivery person and let them know you’re just one block away – or instruct them to leave the package in a certain spot.

Let People In Without Giving Up Your Alarm Code

Do you have a neighbor coming over to water plants while you’re away on vacation? Or have a contractor showing up to finish your bathroom remodel on a Tuesday when you have an important meeting at work?

No need to worry about being home, or feel like you’re giving your alarm code to half the neighborhood. You can disarm your alarm system and unlock the doors right from your smart phone to let designated people in, then lock up and alarm it again when they leave.

Avoid Interruptions

Live in the same place long enough and you’re bound to get door-to-door solicitors. And chances are, they’re going to show up just as you’re sitting down to dinner, or while you’re giving the baby a bath.

It’s one of those little inconveniences that can become annoying if it takes you away from something else just to be greeted by someone you want to slam the door on anyway! But with the Skybell you can see who is at your door, have a conversation with them from your smart phone, and send them on their way without stopping what you’re doing or stepping foot near the door. As long as you have your smart phone, you have total control over visitors – either to decline their invitation or to let them in at the tap of your app if it’s the friend you’ve been waiting for or your mom with a box of cake.

Get Ahead Of Danger

Be alerted by Skybell’s motion detectors if someone should have rung the doorbell, but didn’t. It could be a prowler or mischievous teenagers, and now you can deter them by being aware of their movements when they think they’re unwatched.

Turn on lights to scare them away or speak to them and let them know you’re not being fooled.

Let The Baby Sleep

You’ve just settled the baby down for a nap, which means it’s just about that time when the delivery truck shows up or a neighbor stops by to return your hammer.

If the sound of the bell gives you a chill as you wait for a cry from the crib, worry no longer. Just put Skybell on silent mode and it will alert your smart phone instead of ringing the house chime. You can still use all the great features of Skybell on silent mode, from video and recording, to speaking, to remote unlocking.

Stop Worrying About Mom And Dad

If you have elderly parents, you may worry about their mobility or even about their safety if a stranger comes calling. The Skybell gives you added peace of mind knowing that they can see and speak to visitors without unlocking the door, and even let friends, family and neighbors in without leaving the comfort and safety of their couch or bed.

Record And Keep Track Of Visitors

The Skybell makes it easy to record activity at your door and even store it to watch later. You can even take photos instantly at the touch of your smart phone. Download video and watch it any time, or review the day’s activities later if you weren’t able to see them in real-time.

Get Connected – Conveniently

Skybell does a lot to make life more convenient and give you added peace of mind, but better yet, it integrates with other security platforms, like the Honeywell Lyric.

Control your Lyric components and Skybell from the same app – all you need to connect is your code or fingerprint and all the features of the Lyric and Skybell are literally at your fingertips.

If you’re interested in a safe, convenient – and smart – home, let us know. We’ll schedule an in-home consultation, discuss your needs and provide you with a free estimate to help you make the most out of the best in security technology. Our alarm professionals are available to answer all your questions.