You Keep Your Patients Healthy. We’ll Keep Your Facility Secure.

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Let us protect your medical records and sensitive spaces

People put their well being in your hands. Whether you run a medical office or other health care facility, your patients trust you with a wealth of medical records and personal information.

With Garden State Fire & Security on your side, you can protect your facility and sensitive supplies like medications and personal medical information from theft, breach and fire.

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With current technology, it’s easier than ever to monitor your space with video surveillance, door access controls, instant text messaging to alert you to threats and more.

Complete the form on this page and we’ll visit your healthcare facility or medical office and provide you with a comprehensive site security audit so you know exactly where your vulnerabilities are and how to protect the important information entrusted to your care.

Complete the form below and we’ll contact you to schedule an onsite visit to your medical facility so we can give you a security quote based on your unique needs.

What You Get

  • Over 45 years experience protecting commercial office spaces
  • 24/7 monitoring service
  • Located locally in Monmouth County
  • Guaranteed same day service
  • We’ll switch you from your existing monitoring service for free

Medical & Health Care Facilities Trust Garden State Fire & Security

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You want your patients to feel confident that their personal and medical information is secure in your care. But with most medical records archived in boxes in storage rooms and basements, they can be vulnerable to theft and fire.

Not only must your security system protect medical records but as a healthcare facility you likely have other valuables to protect, including sensitive equipment, prescription medications, even computer systems and servers that may also contain patient information. A fire would be a terrible destruction and a breach can have devastating consequences.

But with security cameras that can monitor and record everything from who enters and exits your facility to what employees and visitors are doing, you’ll be prepared to act on potential threats before they become real ones.

With the right systems in place, you’ll be able to protect certain areas of your building and even lock down specific areas like personal offices, drug closets and IT rooms.

Complete the form and let us provide you with a free quote to protect your medical facility with video surveillance, door access control, monitoring and instant text messaging so you can be alerted whenever a breach or concern is suspected. It’s easy, and there’s no obligation.

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